Rehire James Gunn as director for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

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James Gunn was fired because of old tweets dug up by right wing extremists and associates of the alt-right and neo-nazi groups.  He was targeted because he was a vocal critic of Donald Trump.  This is deliberate tactic by those right wing extremists to silence critics of Trump by making an example of whoever they can.  

To the public, Disney represents forward progression and positivity.  While it is true that some of James Gunn's decade old jokes were in bad taste, they deserve to be treated for what they are: decade old jokes.  From Pixar, to Star Wars, to Marvel, to Disney Animation, we have counted on Disney to deliver positive entertainment that touches hearts, inspires empathy, and promotes kindness.  James Gunn has been instrumental in that with the deliver of both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and his decade old jokes have not, until this point, affected his ability to do that job in any way, shape, or form.  

If Disney allows this firing to stand, it sets a very dangerous precedent of allowing the actions of global media companies to be controlled by a small but virulent pocket of dangerous racist, violent, and xenophobic extremists.  Disney should stand up to this intimidation and say "No, we will not let the neo-nazis win."  We are in the middle of the fight for the soul of the country, and we cannot afford to give up this ground.

Disney, please take a page from Captain America's playbook and stand up to these racists!

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