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Bob Iger, Lisa Peabody, Mihai Pohontu, John Pleasants, Disney: Keep Toontown Open! (Facing the real cogs.)

Lots of people worldwide love Toontown. Even if it is an old massive multiplayer online game, that is not a good enough reason to shut it down. A lot of people love Toontown Online, including myself and lots of people are very depressed about it shutting down. Disney does not care. We need to show how much Toontown means to all of us. Even if they don't listen, this is a way to share your opinion, a way to get heard.

Letter to
The Walt Disney Company
Robert Iger
and 4 others
Lisa Peabody
Mihai Pohontu
John Pleasants
Please consider our offer to keep Toontown open. Yes, we understand that Toontown has ran for ten straight years and it is a long time for a game like that to be running but to some it was more than a mere game. It was a childhood. Adventures, exploration, meeting new friends and so much more... it had a lot of meaning to all of us. It helped a lot of people out so much.. family issues, depression, anxiety.. if you just stopped a moment to read some of these stories, you'd be surprised.

We understand that Toontown doesn't have enough players but it has so much potential but you don't do any useful updates to the game. You don't advertise, either.There are lots of reasons why you should keep this game open. Yes, some people quit because there is nothing for them to do and this game means so much to all of us. You just stopped doing updates because you thought no one cared.

No one cared because you didn't update. You didn't advertise. You didn't do anything. We're begging you to open Toontown and update it. We request that this game stay open. This petition shows how many people care about it and would do anything for it to stay. If you absolutely cannot bring back Toontown please consider selling it to a company that will do something for it. Please consider our offer, once more!

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