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Have Disney KEEP Star Wars Episode VIII as official canon!

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Disney MUST say SCREW YOU to a bunch of arrogant “fans” who aren’t happy with EP8 because it’s not what THEY wanted to see in a “Star Wars” film. To attack the film itself, the cast and director with death threats and racist remarks is sick. These people aren’t “Star Wars” fans.  They’re lunatics.  The Walt Disney Company isn’t going to change their minds on making a series of movies that cost hundreds of million dollars to make, just because a crazy “fan” named CHESTER demands it! Even though they’re still going to see them multiple times, and own every different version on Blu-Ray and dvd, etc... I’d like to also make it possible to ban hater fans from seeing ANY “Star Wars” film in the future. Not sure how, but... maybe Disney can figure that one out :).  Fans need to just stop being salty little bit*** with this nonsense and quit being annoying!  By complaining the way they are, people will start to actually believe the CRAP they’re spewing and won’t go see any future “Star Wars” movies. Well, maybe not because I’m the end, “Star Wars” is wayyyy too big for some of these little fans to kill. There are so many hard working men and women who’ve worked so hard to give these “fans” a movie that people should be enjoying so it’s really sad to see these people complaining the way they are. It’s making tons of money and the REAL critics have a consensus on Rotten Tomatoes at 93%. Real critics who actually know about movies lol  Comon Disney, lets get together and be a “Strong influence on the weak minded!”  Thank you!   A fan since 1977. ❤️ Some of these silly little people just need to “Go about their business and MOVE ON” if they don’t like it!  Sign and share!  We MUST stop the First Order!  This time they’re crazy fans 

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