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Disney Needs to Cut Ties with Jake Paul

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Jake Paul is an egotistical hazard among his surroundings, constantly putting the neighbours and even the entire neighbourhood in harms way. Via creating massive fires, pulling motorbike stunts in an extremely closed environment and has created a living hell for his neighbours that they have to deal with many of Jake Paul's fans standing outside of his house causing a large amount of noise impossible not to hear and has ruined the peaceful neighbourhood it once was. Residents in that neighbourhood describe this as "Living inside a Circus". Jake Paul doesn't take any action against these people coming towards his house if anything he supports it.

"How does Jake Paul get away with these actions"? In today's current society money can make you almost entirely invisible to consequences thus why he hasn't been sued yet. Even if he was sued via a Class Action Lawsuit it won't effect his weekly income whatsoever thus he will not learn. (Weekly income approximately $224,000 a week $32,000 a day)

Millions of children across the world look up to this man as a role model for themselves. Think about that.

I certainly give my sympathy out to the neighbours in Jake Paul's area and it's sad to see such a peaceful and happy neighbourhood turn into a backyard filled with flames, rugged driving and roads being blocked by his fans with him not doing a single thing about it. The residents in that area have jobs, family, friends etc finding it hard to experience life with the roads constantly being blocked in the morning. Many residents leave for work only to find a large group of 50 to 60 young female fans with their phones out standing in the street and blocking off cars.

Please sign or support this petition in order to help get the word out to the executive at Disney that things need to change otherwise Jake Paul will continue these actions with no consequences.


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