Legalization of Marijuana in TN

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Here in Tennessee, we have a tremendous opioid and drug epidemic occurring. Actually Tennessee has the second highest rate of prescriptions per person in the U.S. For every one person who dies there are 851 people in various stages of misuse, abuse and treatment, according to the CDC. That's at least 1,074,813 Tennesseans, or 1 in 6. More people died in 2014 from opioid overdose than in car accidents in Tennessee. According to the Tennessean, "Tennessee politicians received more than $1.6 million in campaign contributions over the past decade from pharmaceutical companies and other members of the Pain Care Forum, a coalition that meets monthly to discuss opioid-related issues." If we follow the footsteps of our fellow states such as Colorado and legalize marijuana, we will see a dramatic decrease in drug use and overdoses. There is not even ONE death attributed to OD on marijuana use because it is literally physically impossible. Last year, WBIR did a poll to see how many people supported legalization and over 70% of viewers did. So why are our representatives not representing us? Is it because of the money they are making from pushing pharmaceuticals? Our voices need to be heard loud and clear. Take this harmless plant off of the schedule 1 drugs, let your citizens have access to better medicine than the prescription pills you just hand out. Take it off the black market and make it safe for your citizens. It would also boost our economy tremendously, as well as lower our crime rate as seen and recorded in other states. It's time we become a progressive state to better our citizens quality of life. Thank you.

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