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June 7-8, 2013, Midnight Philadelphia PA time:
The victims of man-made disasters deserve compensation

and healing from Government in the same way the victims 

of natural disasters do - and in fact since Government officials 

cause man-made disasters when they willfully violate the

Constitution* against the rights of individuals in a way that

creates harmful results, the first priority of Government in 

the context of any Government inflicted-disaster,

should be to LISTEN - and then to provide emergency compensation,

without prejudice, legal redress, and if necessary legal exoneration and

manumission and WITNESS PROTECTION for all victims

of man-made disasters caused by American

officials in positions of public trust, or contractors hired

by Government in any Government exercise of power

which may adversely affect the lives, fortunes or sacred

honor of Americans or law-abiding foreign nationals in

the United States - or who were in the United States when

Government-spawned disasters were wrongfully inflicted upon them.
The circumstances which have recently come to light
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA - the Cradle of Liberty -
make it imperative that a Federal CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION
of City Hall be started IMMEDIATELY, without delay.
The Hon. US Senator Bob Casey was diligent enough to rush
to the scene of the building collapse in Philadelphia which
occurred during the first week of June 2013.
Now City Hall in Philadelphia wants to investigate itself in
the context of this disaster, in which at least six people died
and at least fourteen others sustained serious injuries.
In a city with a population of slightly over one million, this is
a disaster which - if it is cross-multiplied against the population
of the entire United States - a disaster nearly on the magnitude of
the national tragedy of September 2001. A little over one million,
multiplied by over 300 (to bring the numbers to the level of the
entire USA) when cross-calculated with six deaths and fourteen
injuries, gives us a figure of at least 1500 deaths and over 4,000
serious injuries if we extrapolate these casualties from
the scale of Philadelphia, PA, to a nationwide scale.
For those who would prefer to deride this as a specious
argument, go ahead and tell that to the victims and
their loved ones, and to the law-abiding people of
Pennsylvania - who are up in arms about this tragedy
which was eminently preventable.
The first thing Senator Casey must do is to call a
press conference; perhaps jointly with the Hon.
US Senator Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania's junior
US Senator. In the press conference, the goal
must be WITNESS PROTECTION. City Hall in
Philadelphia is an identifiable criminal enterprise
which, in fact, successfully thwarted an FBI
investigation in the mid part of the past decade
when mayor John Franklin Street, incredibly,
called a press conference to deride President
Bush Jr. as a racist for daring to investigate
the corrupt Philadelphia government. Street's
crony, the Police Commissioner, found and ripped out
the listening devices planted by the FBI - tipped off
by a relative who was an FBI agent - in the greatest
act of municipal obstruction of justice in the Nation's
history. So far, that act of municipal official racketeering
has gone largely unpunished. However, now that we have
this disaster staring us in the face, it is incumbent to do
what needs to be done, and to put all forms of obstruction
behind us, and to move forward to JUSTICE, in correcting
these harmful errors of Government.
Yes, there are Federal connections in the criminal
pattern of action of Philadelphia officials and their
corrupt connections with contractors who are
criminals - some with criminal records as long as
their arms - and this is how business as usual is
done in Philadelphia - and has been for decades.
There are even more State connections, and to be
sure, the Federal criminal investigation into City Hall
in Philadelphia should not stop at the municipal level.
But in this Federal investigation, it is time to point the
arrows in the right direction. THE AXE SHOULD FALL
There are witnesses who need to be called. There is the
family of the good Philadelphia African-American lady
who was killed when demolition crews destroyed her
home - WHILE SHE WAS IN IT! The City attempted
to brand her mentally unstable. There is the gentleman
who was in his home when a WRECKING BALL crashed
through his living-room wall! (True!) When he came out
of his home, corrupt contractors called police and had him
hustled off to a mental ward. (The man was clearly a victim
of City harassment and bill-collector harassment, which may
account for the supposed issues he had). There is a
prominent third witness who needs Federal protection,
and I have appealed for this for MONTHS**, with no
response from anyone in Congress or anywhere else
in Washington. She is Margaret Motheral, a fine artist
and eloquent dissident whose home was wrecked by
another corrupt City contractor boondoggle, and again
who the City attempted to brand a mental case, in typical
Stalinist fashion. Well, City Hall has run out of "mental
permission slips" to excuse itself for its own legendary and
horribly malignant incompetence - just as the old
Soviet Union did when it oppressed Solzhenitsyn
and Sakharov and Shcharansky and so many others.
Communism hasn't fallen. We just had the Berlin Wall
moved to a new location right near the Liberty Bell!
There is Ms Washington, a petite African American
lady, who appeared at a City Hall hearing one day,
because she was being fined. Here is what she said:
"I went to work in the morning, and I came home at
5 o'clock in the afternoon - and MY HOUSE WAS GONE!
It was gone!
There are other stories, to be sure, including my own
horrible experience. These stories should not be
permitted by diligent members of Congress to
disappear into the "memory hole". Not when I
myself approached Congress for YEARS to tell
staffers of criminal wrongdoing in Philadelphia,
on the order of major Constitutional violations, and
no one did anything.
All these witnesses, and many more, need to be encouraged
to come forward by Congress, in the most positive style possible.
All this, and much more, should be part of the
criminal investigation to be launched by Congress
against Philadelphia City Hall. And the only way for
a THOROUGH investigation to be done is for Congress
to publicly offer and GUARANTEE substantial and real
Federal witness protection in every material sense, for people
who have been victims of the racketeering rings within
City Hall - racketeering rings which have damaged the
lives, fortunes and sacred honor of thousands of people
including Americans and law-abiding foreign nationals.
Does Ms Washington have to wait for Federal compensation?
Should she have to fill out another form and stand in
another long waiting line? Should ANY of these victims
of man made-disaster in Philadelphia? As part of witness
which is long overdue - to make sure that they are physically
able to come to Washington to testify before Congress, and
to testify in all other venues. In some cases, these people are
at the end of their rope - financially and in terms of the
stress inflicted upon them, due to the fact that Government
- a Government which they once trusted - has inflicted
horrors upon each and every one of them (and their
families) that are unexpected and OUT OF ORDER
AND SENATOR TOOMEY: The human and material costs
of further delay, buck-passing and ignoring Constitutionally
compelling issues have become immeasurable, and those
days of do-nothingism are OVER. Gird up for battle, and take the
Sword and Shield of Justice, and GET BUSY NOW!
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

* The Oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend

the Constitution is a GUARANTEE. It is IN CONTRACT

and the Oath is taken under penalty of felony perjury.

** This pleading with Government officials in vain for

the past six months is in the context of the 52-part Pardon

and Reprieve - in some cases the refusal of Government to

hear some of the cases involved in this, including the Don

Siegelman pardon request, goes back SEVERAL YEARS.

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