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Allow Veterans To Receive Health Care Anywhere Program

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I am Trista. I am 13 years old and I am a member of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and I strongly feel our veterans need help !! I am willing to do what it takes, but I need your help. The only way that we can hope to change this unfortunate problem for our nations hero's, is to ban together as citizens and petition our government to rewrite the VA health care system.

Our Veterans have little choice in the health care they receive from the VA. Some are forced to travel long distances and are forced to suffer while waiting long periods of time just to see a doctor. The Veterans choice program has proved to be of little improvement for our Veterans who need quality health care on a timely basis and still does not give them a true freedom of choice in their health care providers. Didn’t they fight for our right to choose?

The Current Program:

  • The current Veterans Choice program that boasts making it easier for Vets to get health care close to home is not as easy as it sounds.
  • A Veteran must be waiting at least 30 days to receive care from a VA facility or be at least 40 miles from a VA facility.
  • There is also this disclaimer set forth by the VA. “Care in the community is only covered by VA for medical needs which have been approved by your VA physician.
  • We can happily schedule an appointment for other medical needs, but we can only cover the cost of care related to your VA-approved health needs.” So our Veterans can only have certain medical needs??? Did we give them a choice how much risk they could take while serving in our Armed Forces?
  • It also requires that the Vet needing care contact the VA and allow them to make the doctor’s appointment. The VA then notifies the Vet of when and where the appointment is. This creates an additional step and wait time in the process.

The Solution We Propose:

We suggest that our government create an insurance card to be given to each veteran that can be used with any health care provider with no cost to the veteran. Thereby giving the Veteran the freedom to choose between health care providers in his or her area.This card would then tie into a VA supported insurance payment program to reimburse the health care provider. As with any health insurance group there would need to be prior agreements made between health care providers and the VA health Insurance agency. Funding for this program can start with the 10 Billion dollars set aside for the unsuccessful Veterans choice program. Additional funding with savings from closing the under performing VA hospitals. A third option of funding comes from the penalty that citizens are forced to pay that elect not to have personal health insurance. The United States has the best health care options in the world available to the citizens. Why are our Veterans who sacrificed so much held back from those same options that our freedom gives us?

I ask that you sign my petition to show your support for our veterans and speak out for them. The petition is the first step needed to request change. I thank you in advance for your support.

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