Requesting a revote for misleading RU-pass referendum

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Dear fellow students,

Regardless of how you voted in the RU-pass referendum, we are pushing for a revote because of the misguided information given by the RSU to the study body.

Here are a few reasons why we are launching a campaign to have a revote on the RU-pass:

1. The RSU was vague about the referendum as a whole and incorrectly dated the yard signs, advertisement cards and social media posts. This is akin to voter suppression.

2. Instead of promoting the RU-pass from a neutral standpoint, the RSU was pushing students to vote yes without stating the financial pros and cons of the RU-pass. 

3. Promoting the fact that there will be a GO pass in the future once the RU-pass referendum goes through, without substantiating their claim.

4. The RSU lied about the opt-out process in trying to convince students to vote yes. They mislead students by making them believe that the opt-out process would be available for all students, when in fact it is only available for students with disabilities.

The referendum should have a re-vote. The way in which the RSU conducted the RU-pass referendum was misleading and deceptive. The RSU should take full responsibility in providing relevant information as to how the pass will be implemented and provide a breakdown of which students stand to benefit and those who bare the financial burden of the RU-pass. The RSU should issue a formal apology for the misinformation spread by the RSU and the RSU-backed advocates.