Keep the Kwantlen University Farrier Program Open!

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The Kwantlen Farrier program offers students a unique opportunity to become a certified farrier, a trade that is thousands of years old, a trade where both men and women ply their trade filling a skilled and critical role within the equestrian community. KPU farriers are globally respected, working closely with equine veterinarians, international competitors, mounted police forces, the racing industry, education, as well as thousands of individual horse owners and enthusiasts. In an otherwise largely unregulated trade, KPU’s program produces graduates who have met an exceptional standard of expertise in their profession. These graduates are uniquely part metal fabricator, part equine physiologist, and part independent business operator. This program is world renowned in the equestrian world and it’s inception was widely lauded as forward thinking and progressive in trades post secondary education. We appeal to you to keep this vital program running.