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A dress code change for Beloit, WI intermediate schools and high school.

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We are petitioning the tank top rule and shorts rule.
We want to be able to wear tank tops two fingers across the shoulders and we want the finger length shorts rule to be changed to 9.5" above the knee.

When you send girls to the office because our shoulder are showing, or send us home because our jeans have rips or our shorts are “too short” you are telling us that our male peers education and comfort is more important and they deserve a “distraction-free” (which as you can see from the boys signatures on this that they don't see us as a distraction) learning environment more than us
Dress codes promote the objectification and sexualization of us.
We are not objects in the way of boys education, our bodies are not toys to be gawked at, we are just trying to get our education and be comfortable while doing so.
In the summer is when it's 80 plus degrees and we have no air conditioning it gets very hot and we just want to wear tank tops and shorts to be comfortable and not have to be sweaty, hot, and uncomfortable which is a distraction to our learning environment.
It's embarrassing for us to be called out and have to be interrupted when we're just trying to go through our school day, and for some reason no one else seems to get bothered by our clothes besides the teachers when I thought the dress code was (in the school's definition)
meant to keep a distraction free learning environment for the students which includes the females.
The dress code for shorts isn't viable either because many people have long arms or very short arms which is unfair.
Having these dress codes limits us from our expression and creativity. From showing off US, and our style. They also teach girls, that it's "inappropriate" to wear regular shorts or a tank top. That it's not modest. When you should be teaching the young girls in this society to love and be comfortable with their body. It's also hard for us to think and do our best if we're constantly uncomfortable with what we're wearing. 

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