Cancel/Change the Date of the Upcoming Community Weekend

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The upcoming weekend (the weekend of January 5th) is a community weekend. However, its timing is less than ideal. While students still may be adjusting to jet lag upon returning to school, the community weekend that occurred right before break was one that took an enormous amount of energy. Most students were stripped of an entire day due to Winterlight rehearsal, which was then followed by a head's dinner. And although we just had winter break, so much more planning goes on within the dorms during these weekends than most people know. Proctors work extremely hard to plan activities to help students bond and have a great time, but put in even more time and planning during community weekends when they know everyone will be on campus. It is safe to say that much of the Masters community is burnt out--with college deadlines right around the corner and only a few months until AP's, Masters needs a break. In conclusion, not only would this community weekend impinge on the mental health of our students, but it would create animosity and resentment towards these weekends--the complete opposite of what we strive for when scheduling them.