Keep our kids safe at school!

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Please email your support for SRO (School Resource Officers) for our schools at

The Eugene school district board is going to vote to cut ties with The Eugene Police Department. Which would mean the school resource officers would no longer be in, or involved, with the schools.This would be such a loss for our community and our kids. 
Last night the EEA 4j teacher union quietly met and voted without the voice of all its members to ask the board to cut ties with EPD.

Yes... that’s right! ATTENTION 4j EMPLOYEES!!! You voted to remove EPD from our schools without even knowing it!

We can make changes with dialogue and not go to such an extreme as to remove this resource completely! If the school board does not receive emails of support for these officers they will most likely vote to cut them. This is how our district works, especially now that public comments are not allowed at the virtual meetings.

These SRO officers are specially trained in handling youth, especially those who have experienced trauma.This is our opportunity as a community and school district to work together with Eugene Police Department to make our world a better place!

If you could, I am asking you to send an email showing your support for our Eugene police School Resource Officers to the following board members:

You can put “public comment” in the title.

What to write:
-positive interactions had with the SRO officers.
-personal stories of any kind
-letters from actual students would be great!
-A plea for the district to work together with the Eugene Police not against them.
-Insist that they do not rush into a major decision like this. 
- be vocal about your concerns

Madison Middle School had a threat of violence last year. The school police officers were at the school the entire day out front talking to students talking to families ensuring that people felt safe. I really appreciated the support at our school and as I did choose to send my daughter to school that day. They are trained specifically to work with kids and families.  They are here for our kids for their safety and well being.

Officer Nick Reich is the School Resource Officer for the North  Eugene region. He has created wonderful opportunities for the students in the North region.

SRO Reich wanted to do something amazing for the students. He came up with the idea to send 25 students to a ducks football game this past season. The school counselors provided 25 student names who were deserving and had never been to a ducks football game. The majority of the students were students of color and Officer Reich procured 100 ducks football tickets, 100 papas pizza coupons, 100 ducks T-shirts, 100 ducks football sweatshirts. In addition, he asked the Eugene Police Officers Association to donate swag bags for each kid full of snacks, lanyards, and more for the game. This is the type of community the school resource officers bring to the table here locally in Eugene.

The SROs were responsible for hosting a winter coat drive. This was organized and done on their own time and bringing in over 75 brand new winter coats for students in the Eugene school district. These students names were provided by the Eugene school district counselors. We want this type of service and people in our community!