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Transparency at Menlo College

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March 19, 2017


To: Board of Trustees

Menlo College

1000 El Camino Real

Atherton, CA 94027


Dear Board of Trustees:


Menlo College has been making significant changes both physically on campus and through the faculty and staff. For what reason, we do not know, but we would like to know.


There is a general feeling from students that there is a lack of communication between us, the Board of Trustees, and the Administrative board. We are concerned about how Menlo College values the full-time staff members here and how Administrative politics are becoming disruptive and spilling over to the students. This affects students negatively, but that does not seem to be a main concern when these decisions are made. This includes the termination of two teachers mid-semester. There has been little to no communication as to why these decisions have been made, nor why they could not wait until the end of the school year. These two staff members served as advocates for the entire student body and we are saddened to hear of their termination, and frustrated that there is little to no information about it.


Additionally, there has been much speculation of more upcoming terminations of other employees from several major concentrations and speculation of the intention of the Board of Trustees and the Administrative Board. This has only caused more concern and anxiousness from the student body.


The student body of Menlo College requests that chosen representatives of this letter are able to plan a meeting in order to discuss these issues with the Board of Trustees and hopefully, at a later date, the Administrative Board. The mid-semester terminations without warning or - in our eyes - reason have caused a considerable amount of concern about what is taking place behind the scenes at Menlo College. We ask that the board members consider the return of those affected by these mid-semester terminations, as we do not believe that this was a proper way to conduct not only a college, but a business as well. Therefore, we believe that both teachers should be able to petition their terminations and return if they wish. We don’t want to hear speculation about what is taking place. We don’t want to hear speculation about the direction of the school. We want to know the real reasons why actions are taking place from the board, we want to have an open communication with our board members, we want to be back in control of our education, we want to know what the goals and intentions are of the board members as it relates to this school and to us, as the stakeholders in this business. In order to achieve these wants, we request Menlo College’s Strategic Plan to be publicly available and arrange a meeting with the Board.



Concerned Students, Parents, and Alum

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