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Pay our students to come to school!

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Should students get paid to go to school? 

I believe that we should because there are less fortunate students out their who can barely afford school stationary, lunch and even their school fees. But if schools were to help out in financial areas that would mean it would help the students get into college from high school because they were able to afford the right books, their future would be bigger and brighter than most peoples' and I'm sure that's what teachers want to see. That the students they helped install knowledge into are living the best life for them, that they're using their potential to make the world a better place. But if we can't soar, if we can't even leave the nest how can we be the best we can be... 

From a young age I have always taken teacher's for granted and have always depended on them to help in my academic upbringing. I have always seen them as a second parent and need them in my life to take the next steps in my life, without them in our lives how else are we supposed to be the best. School has a big impact on my life and I would like to stay in school until I graduate, but everything does come with a price...

All we have to do is work together to give our future a chance at a better life. I care because I am one of those children, I don't have all the luxuries in life and I may hate waking up early in the morning to get ready for school but I'm pushing myself a few steps closer to my dream, becoming a Doctor. Even though the process can take a while, I have my family and friends beside my to help push me along. This petition is going out to all the low decile schools in New Zealand, authorities should take a stand and help out the future generation, for all we know these children could fill the shoes of politicians, doctors, police officers and even the prime minister, etc.

By choosing to sign this petition, you can help all the unfortunate children out there deprived from their rights as a student and as a child in the society. You can help us make a difference in this world, and in a child's life. Please help us, help them.

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