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Fire SCSU President Earl Potter

Under President Potter's leadership, the FBI has been on campus for transcript fraud, university enrollments have sharply declined contributing to the downward spiral of the Southside community, there is an empty $44 million science building, Coborn's apartments has lost over $6 million, there has been a revolving door of administrators, full time faculty have not been retained without any reasons given, shared governance is not honored, and the aviation department was closed without following closure procedures. President Potter has yelled at students, faculty, and staff. International travel by administrators is unusually high, and the Brooks center is under scrutiny. Questionable spending is problematic including spending over one-half million dollars on rebranding the university, $450,000 for a controversial Confucius Institute, and controversy surrounding funding of the Herb Brooks Hockey Center. The $49,000 Great Place to Work survey trust results were in the high teens/low 20. For almost 3 consecutive years, Chancellor Steven Rosenstone has repeatedly FAILED to intervene by providing oversight and external intervention to the SCSU campus.

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