Commit the Thacher School to 100% Renewable Energy

Commit the Thacher School to 100% Renewable Energy

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Why this petition matters

The Thacher School must commit to energy efficiency, 100% clean renewable energy sources and focus on environmental justice and equity by 2030.

We must transition off of fossil fuels to prevent catastrophic climate change all over the world. This threat endangers the livelihood of every community in California, particularly the futures of young generations and the generations to come. California is seeing decreased rainfall, increased forest fires, coastal erosion, and higher temperatures. 

Everything is at stake: our health, our infrastructure, our economy, and most importantly, our environment.

The Thacher School has recognized the importance of the climate crisis and has made efforts to combat it (for example, the creation of the Environmental Action Committee and the solar array). But because of Coronavirus safety precautions and new construction projects, Thacher's footprint has recently increased. It is up to us to ensure that the Thacher School gets back on track on the road to sustainability. 

It is therefore urgent that the Thacher School transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. Renewable energy plus battery storage is essential to reducing indirect carbon emissions and fighting the climate crisis. 

As technology improves and renewable energy becomes cheaper and more readily available, traditional non-renewable energy is growing in cost. This means that 100% clean energy would allow the Thacher School to save money that can be used in the classroom.

21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!