Petition Closed

Allamakee Co. Board of Supervisors:
It seems the dubious fracing industry has sniffed out desirable sand deposits indigenous to Allamakee County. You, as the Allamakee County Board of Supervisors, have wisely tabled a moratorium on issuing a permit for the mining of these sands. Please do not allow possible short-term monetary gains to override the evironmental devastation caused by mining (to say nothing of the horrors that fracing wreaks elsewhere). Stand unequivocally on your decision to keep the area in question as pristine and undisturbed as it is now. Although I am not a resident of your county, I implore you to deny the permit in question for any and all reasons.

Letter to
Board of Supervisors of Allamakee Co., Iowa
Deny any and all permits for mining frac sand