Increase in Instrumental Tuition Hours

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The University of Surrey offers 12 hours per year of instrumental tuition hours which is below the number of hours offered by all the other universities that offer a Music Degree. Us Music, Creative Music Technology and Tonmeister students of the University of Surrey are asking to increase the number of instrumental tuition hours to at least 16 per year as performance is a crucial part of our degree and our future career as musicians. Individual instrumental lessons are fundamental to develop understanding and use of harmony, to develop our social musicianship skills and to explore the expressive power of music. In addition, we form a relationship with our instruments on a personal level, communicating through it effectively to an audience. Performance prepares us for a career in not exclusively music, by learning time management, professionalism on and off stage as well as working effectively socially - not to mention becoming experts on our instruments. Whatever genre, or industry niche we go graduate into from Surrey, it is integral to have a forming relationship with instrumental tutors, increasing with development of the profession.

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