Re-instate Mike Handler as Director of OEM

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We, the undersigned citizens of New Canaan, ask that Mike Handler be reinstated Director of the Office of Emergency Management, effective immediately. We believe his dismissal was against the public will and without cause. 

Mike has worked tirelessly and honorably during his 20+ years service to New Canaan and nine years service as volunteer Director of Emergency Management. During Mike's leadership, New Canaan has weathered several crises with ease. His calm, intelligent, and measured approach has steered our town through many emergencies, including hurricanes, power outages, and storms. During the current COVID-19 crisis, New Canaan has become a proactive leader and model in communication, testing, and reporting thanks to Mike. 

With the uncertain path of this pandemic, we are deeply concerned that his absence in our town's emergency response will not only cause anxiety and erode public trust, but will derail our town's ability to respond to changing information and data with the necessary flexibility and agility. Mike not only has the experience and thoughtful approach that we appreciate, but the data acumen and commitment to evidence-based science that will be needed to return our children to school safely and re-open our economy with confidence. We appreciate Mike's responsive, communicative, and clear-headed style.  With his absence, we are particularly concerned with ongoing access to objective and unbiased communication.

If the First Selectman refuses to reinstate Mike Handler, we urge the Board of Selectman to call a vote to determine who is the best person to properly lead the Office of Emergency Management. We fervently believe that person is Mike Handler.