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Twenty two years on March 22, 1996 a ex-boyfriend of my daughter Toni Parcell, laid in wait at her house and strangled her, put her into the bed of her truck and drove her to the foothills in Redlands. He then pushed her body over a cliff and drove to his house and got his gun and drove back up to where her body was and shot her head off so no one could identify her. We searched for two weeks for her, even rented a helicopter to fly us over the area where she lived, looking for her truck. In the meantime the police pulled him over in her truck and he confessed but because there was no body, they couldn't charge him. A friend of this animal called police and said he knew where the body was and WILLIAM RAY HALL was charged with second degree murder. We were advised by District Attorney prosecuting this case to plea-bargain, which we have since learned this should have been a First Degree case. This murderer has gotten into trouble numerous times since being locked up and even got sent to Pelican Bay. William Ray Hall has had several parole hearings and has gotten each time 5 additional years but comes right back in a couple of years asking for a early release as he says it is not humane to keep him locked up any longer. So on June 7th, we are having another parole hearing to get released early. I need your help in signing this petition to keep this animal locked up! Thank you and I'm sure Toni would thank you if she could. We, the undersigned STRONGLY OPPOSE parole for William Ray Hall. Justice demands he serve the FULL PRISON TERM given to him at the time he was sentenced for this heinous crime


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