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Please help my family as well as friends of Jay Wolfinjer, to keep this man behind bars..

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My name is Linda Dobbins, mother of Jay Wolfinjer. My son was brutally and tragically killed at the hands of 5 individuals, one of which is up for parole just 8 short years later. The person I am writing about is Ooleanui Salanoa ( or Nui). 

Jay was beaten and left for dead in an old shed, after being kidnapped from his girlfriends home. Jay was tortured and bound by chains with a cold sheet thrown around him, and eventually tossed into the back of a pickup truck before his last breath was taken. Jay died alone, he suffered, and left his children behind for what they said was a measly $700. A young woman will never get to be walked down the aisle by her beloved daddy, or to share her life with. His young son will never know Dads advice on being a better man or to take him fishing. Jay also had a brother, who he shared a close bond with. He will never know his brothers caring and kind ways, and was cut short of many more fond memories and occasions in his lifetime that a man would want his brother around for. And I'm forced to relive the tragedy day after day. The fact that I must wake up and be reminded of this awful event daily, is incomprehensible. We are not supposed to bury our children. .

The first of these mongrols is up before the parole board just next year. It is a travesty, and an outrage. I know that should he be sent out back to society, he will continue to break the law.  If he is set free, no one would be safe from his actions and/or intentions. With his drug fueled rages, and poor character, I do not think society would be safe from harm. He belongs to a gang with strong ties & He seems to have no moral compass, nor remorse.  I see NO REASON to allow him the light of day.

By agreeing to sign this petition, you are keeping a cold blooded, self absorbed killer behind bars. He should've received stiffer punishment, but I can settle for him just staying right where he is. I know my family is safe from further harm, as well as the next innocent victim he would choose to lay hands on. We cant allow another mother to experience such whole sadness. We cant allow for another son/brother/uncle/father to abruptly leave his family, and die at the hands of another. I am certain it is necessary to keep him jailed and I believe too that he should never know fresh air. He does not deserve peace after what we, Jays family and friends, have had to go through. It was a heinous crime, and he needs to remain a number in our prison system. Please join us in our plight, and sign today!

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