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Changing commemoration of Lee County, FL to someone other than Robert E. Lee.

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Lee County, Florida received it's name stake in 1887 commemorating Confederate General Robert Edward Lee. It was a different time, a different place. Florida had been recently apart of the Confederate States of America, a coalition of southern states attempting to secede from the United States of America. After this failure, they attempted to prolong this memory of treason through the only way the could, naming cities, counties, and erecting monuments in honor of their fallen heroes, battles, and events. Flash forward +150 years later and here we are, a county still named after a man who who fought hard to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans soldiers, as well as many civilians (Not an American hero).

It may seem obvious that a commemoration of any US traitor seems a bit embarrassing and a name like that should be changed; unfortunately, the amount of money, resources, and effort would be counter intuitive. There is a solution however, there are dozens of "Lees" in our history that deserve commemoration. Stan Lee, co-creator of most of Marvel's comic books characters, such as X-Men, Spider Man, Fantastic Four. Bruce Lee, Chinese American born in California, was a martial artist, philosopher, actor, writer, and role model for millions across the US. Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, a novel on tolerance and exposing the horrors of xenophobia. These are only a few the Lees that are more deserving to be named after our county than a man, who lead our country in Civil War. But above all, Geddy Lee of the band Rush deserves the name of this great county. His angelic voice, and poetic lyrics has gripped the hearts of many Americans for decades. While not an American, I think we can over look that he's Canadian.. which let's be honest.. is just a nicer version of America. We should all be a little nicer, right? If an American is important, then perhaps one of the few Lees mentioned above.. or possibly any other Lee that hasn't commanded the most deadly war our nation has ever seen. 

Please, write to the Board of Lee County Commissions and let them know "No Robert E. we want Geddy Lee" (or whatever - Lee). Even if you choose not to decide (to write), you still have made a choice. 

But don't take it from me, even Robert E. Lee didn't want himself or the American Civil War to be memorialized.

"[Robert E.] Lee believed countries that erased visible signs of civil war recovered from conflicts quicker... He was worried that by keeping these symbols alive, it would keep the divisions alive."
- Jonathan Horn Author of the Robert E. Lee biography The Man Who Would Not Be Washington

Sentiment so true, that it almost deserves a memorial in of itself.. but.. you know.

 Lee County Commissioners

District 1: John Manning
District 2: Cecil L Pendergrass
District 3: Larry Kiker
District 4: Brian Hamman
District 5: Frank Mann

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