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Petitioning City Councillor Sarah Doucette and 6 others

Please, stop the plan to reorganize speech and language services.

Toronto Public Health says it is "reorganizing" speech and language services in Toronto. But what they are really doing is increasing the size of their bureaucracy and cutting front line staff, the people who actually provide the services to children.

That means less service for those in care and longer wait times for children who need care. Their plan will also eliminate many of the organizations where care is now provided. This will end the therapeutic relationship a child has with their provider.

All for what?

Please sign this petition. Tell these members of the Board of Health that you say, "No" to more bureacracy and "Yes" to care for children.

Letter to
City Councillor Sarah Doucette
City Councillor Gord Perks
City Councillor John Filion
and 4 others
City Councillor Raymond Cho
Board of Health, City of Toronto
City Councillor, Chair of the Board of Health Joe Mihevc
City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam
Has your child, or any child that is close to you, ever needed health care? It can be very stressful and you almost feel powerless.

I have read about your proposed changes to speech and language services. They will lead to less staff providing care and longer wait times for those children who need care. More parents will feel powerless.

Toronto is blessed, we have programs and services that would be the envy of many other cities. Those services include the dedicated staff who are committed to providing the best speech and language services possible.

Why are you undermining this service? Why are you putting the needs of the bureaucracy ahead of these children?

Simply, what justification can there be for damaging the therapeutic relationships these children have with their current providers?

You need to put children first. You need to do what you know is right. You need to work with those who provide services and not dictate to them.

Please, stop this plan. Many children and their parents need your support.