Seeking Fair Academic Opportunities in India for Specialist Doctors from UK/Can/USA/Aus/NZ

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We are doctors who have attained our primary medical qualification in India. Following post graduate and /or sub specialty qualifications from U.K.,U.S.A, Canada, New zealand and Australia (This involves 5-10 years of work experience in teaching institutions) & Having decided to move back to India for good, we want to share this teaching experience by being a part of the faculty in medical institutes within India. Our contribution would positively impact on the quality of medical education and clinical research in India. We were trained on Competency Based training programmes and have been assessors & Mentors for Medical students and Speciality trainees during our working years.

Currently although there is recognition of some of the qualifications attained abroad (Third Schedule is not upto date), there is no system in place to recognise the work and teaching experience(Following our Post graduation) we all have accumulated by virtue of our training programmes. This puts us at a disadvantage or rather makes us ineligible to apply for senior faculty positions in medical institutions in India even though many of us would be keen to share our experience in these institutions. The lack of clarity in this matter needs to be addressed urgently as it could become a deterrent to those doctors who are eager to come back and contribute to the futuristic shared dream of improving Medical education & Heath care in India.

Also, we feel that there is no mechanism with in Medical Council, for representing our unique situations, making us most vulnerable to arbitrary interpretation of existing policy.

We have been representing our cases individually for the past 2-5 years, albeit unsuccessfully and have taken this initiative for a collective Petition, requesting for your attention on following issues.

1) Some sections of Third schedule are incomplete, outdated and factually incorrect (or Interpreted erroneously). This has to be considered, while reviewing applications from doctors with global experience (Eg: RCPCH from UK not represented even though it is a Royal College in UK; FRCPath is wrongly inferred as MD in Pathology despite the fact that it is a degree issued by royal college for 14 specialities including Pre & Paraclinical Specialities)

2) There is a urgent need for centralised cell/body that can interpret information consistently and respond in a timely manner.

3) To agree on criteria and mechanism, for fair review of Teaching experience at University and Teaching Hospitals abroad (During and after Post Graduation), facilitating opportunities appropriate to level of experience, in a timely manner.

4) Some of the Subspeciality training (Eg- Paediatric Nephrology), done from institutions of International reputation, of 2 years duration, can be registered with MCI (As per Minimum Qualification for Teachers document: ‘…If equivalent training programme in India is not available (or) if the training programme in India is of < 10 years duration’).  Despite this, we were denied opportunity to register our qualifications in these subspecialities.

Some of the doctors trained from India, do sabbaticals in these same institutions to top up their training, highlighting the fact that the training offered there was robust and sought after.

For encouraging improved health care and Medical Education, training in these specialist areas has to be recognised and our experience utilised for common good. This needs your kind attention and simplified mechanism to be initiated to facilitate the process.

5) A consensus to register our qualifications, that were issued by reputed and prestigious institutions, following robust training and assessment (Approved by Royal colleges and Boards)

We are willing to support the concerned bodies by providing the necessary information, to facilitate in achieving the above mentioned goals.

Thanking you 

Kind regards

Specialist Doctors from UK/USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand