Prempeh College Board: Stop Selling and Reclaim School Lands Now

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Prempeh College as an educational institution is a product of a fruitful collaboration between the Kumasi Traditional Council, the Presbyterian and Methodist churches and the Government of Ghana. The school, established in 1949, has a goal of training boys to become leaders of the society as summed up by this quote from Rev. Pearson (the first headmaster) “educating citizens who work for country, instead of the country for them”.  All activities by administrators of the institution must unequivocally be geared towards this noble dream. 

The development of school lands and proposed sale to private entities such as God’s Mercy Construction Ltd is counter and an anathema to the ideals inspired by the founders of the school. As elected or appointed officials the Board of Directors have not only a fiduciary responsibility but a morale one to support the interests and will of the people they serve.

We, the undersigned are strongly opposed to the sale of any Prempeh College land (including all lands held in trust by the Lands Commission) for commercial purposes. Since its founding, Prempeh College has maintained its character despite newer construction such as the new library, assembly hall and Opoku Ware house over the years.  The population of the school has grown substantially now with facilities stretched and some bursting at the seams.  It is clear that land will be required in the future to provide additional capacity for students.  Hence, all encroachment and private development of lands belonging to Prempeh must stop immediately. The development of any Prempeh College land must only be for the purposes of achieving the ideals of Prempeh College, involve all stakeholders, take into consideration the natural beauty of the school and surroundings, as well as integration of existing architecture and, most importantly, obligation to future generations of students.  To this end, we require and demand a strong and proper oversight of school resources by the Board. 

We, the undersigned alumni of Prempeh College (generally referred to as Amanfuo) with unadulterated commitment and interest in the well-being of the institution, are opposed and do hereby protest the sale of lands belonging to Prempeh College for the purposes of commercial development and make the following unambiguous demands of the Board of Directors of Prempeh College:

1. Rescind the current decision to sell school land for commercial development by all entities and specifically to God’s Mercy Construction Ltd.

2. The board must also cease and desist from authorizing any such deals under consideration

3. Halt and demolish all structures under current development including ongoing projects

4. Dissolve the current Board of Directors in lieu of significant conflicts of interest and reconstitute it

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