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On Monday, June 18, 2018, Tyquan Robinson, who is an employee of the NYC based non-profit organization The Child Center of New York, was asked to leave his worksite, due to an email that was sent to a faculty member at Queens High School for Information, Research and Technology (Robinson’s worksite), by his ex girlfriend Jessica Turner, acting as a parent of an anonymous student. The email also contained attached photos of Robinson and Turner (who’s face is missing from the photo) engaging in sexual activity. The next day, Robinson was informed by his supervisor that he is currently removed from the CCNY PETS system and has been ordered by the Department of Education to not step foot into a DOE building until further notice.

Tyquan Robinson has been an employee of The Child Center of New York, and working at the Queens High School for Information, Research and Technology since October 2015, and no previous accusations were ever made until this incident. Robinson is also a 2014 alumni of the school and has also been sociaactive in his community of Far Rockaway, NY since the age of 18. Jessica has also confessed through saved text messages and Facebook statuses that these accusations were false and premeditated. 

Today, we beg that the Child Center of New York and The Department of Education does everything in it’s power to overturn this punishment. Robinson has been a role model for students all throughout the Far Rockaway Educational campus, and the community itself. His ongoing work and legacy is being singlehandedly ruined by one false claim all at the age of 22. Robinson is known and appreciated by several because of the hardworking and selfless individual he is, as former student and current faculty. He looks at all of the students as his own siblings and is asking for everybody who knows him to help support him through this unfortunate time by signing this petition. We are positive that there are strength in numbers, and that his name will be cleared of any false allegations.

If The Child Center of New York and The Department of Education chooses to treat Robinson as “guilty until proven innocent”, we will have no choice, but to foresee legal action against both organizations and Jessica Turner for “defamation of character” and “wrongful termination”. It is unfortunate that this situation had to get to this point.

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