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Stop schools from degrading our society and in exchange induce creativity

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School's have been degrading society for years and years. Why hasn't anything changed? Education should be "education." Not the killing of creativity. Students should never be told their failing, or feel they are stupid. However, schools have found a way to let a few numbers or letters teach students they are failing or stupid. Schools do not promote real education or creativity. They preach schooling and college gives you a degree or a job. What ever happened to creativity leading to new inventions or creations. As seen in the word itself, creations take creativity. How are amazing new products supposed to be created without schools emphasizing the need for creativity? How is a student supposed to become "creative" when schools tell them they are failing. Schools are the most demotivating and degrading parts of society that are supposed to be the most supportive and uplifting influence on all students. It doesn't make sense. Depression has become an extreme issue in today's society, and schooling can be the one to blame. Depressed people need to be told what they are doing right, they need support, they need recognition of creativity. Yet, schools promote depression as they are only an influence on the state of depression. A school tells a kid they are failing, they are stupid, they will never be great if they don't get that A in class. Why should this be allowed in society?

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