Budget Cut Relief North Bellmore UFSD Community Only Please

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We, the parents of children in the North Bellmore School District, have created this petition to help alleviate stress brought on by the recent budget cuts. In order to repair damage from losing our Spanish program and Student Arts League and to aide students who may suffer due to increased class size we have the following requests that can be accomplished with minimal or no cost to the district:

Our dedicated teachers should use their talents during a portion of their contractually allotted time between the end of the school day until 3:45 pm to facilitate enrichment activities that provide clubs and extra help for students. These extracurricular activities must include, but are not limited to:

*Foreign Language



*Math Extra Help

*Reading Extra Help

* Writing Extra Help


*Social Studies Enrichment

*Physical Education Enrichment

*Computer Club

*Book Club

 Additionally in order to maintain the preparation period that our teachers presently have during the Spanish block, and to bring us closer to meeting the state mandated Physical Education requirement, we ask that it be replaced with Physical Education or a period of movement for our children.

We believe that this will help alleviate much of the loss we as a community are undergoing from the budget cuts. We believe these changes are imperative because our students already enter Grand Avenue at a grave disadvantage without a language program, daily special area classes, clubs or regularly scheduled extra help. North Bellmore students deserve the same academic opportunities during weekly extra help or extracurricular activities as their peers in Bellmore and Merrick. Students need to explore themselves artistically and academically in clubs like our friends in the Seaford and Wantagh community.  We believe this is a first step that can be easily accomplished to give our students the educational experience they deserve in North Bellmore.


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