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Remove School Administrator/ Board Secretary Mr. Brennan

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I would Like to see the School Administrator/Board Secretary Mr. Brennan removed from Pinelands Regional High School District located at 565 Nugentown Rd. in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. He has failed as a School Administrator/ Board Secretary to Follow Letters and Information pertaining to The School and we Don't feel he has maintained himself in showing he is looking out for the best intrest in the students/ Faculty/ Staff of Pinelands Regional High School. He has failed on numerous occassions with simple requests. One of which dated on Sept. 10, 2017 from epic advising him to do routine air quality testing in which time he didn't. Nor did he cease Roof Activity on the Roof While our Children/ staff and Faculty were present in the school which was also stated in the letter from epic. Also Dated Septed 1, 2017 in the Ahera report stating and showing high levels of ethylbenzene detected (above both residential and industrial screening level )as well as, Trimethylbenzene detected (above both residential but below the indiustrial screening levels )when the students in school became sick with rashs, headaches, sore throats, coughing. It took the students and parents to come forth to the school board on Oct. 2, 2017 to let them know what was occuring at Pinelands Regional High School. We asked to have the School closed and have further testing done in the School to make sure it was safe for our children to return.It should have never came down to us Parents, Teachers Students to come before the board and request such requests. Mr. Brennan Board Secretary/ School Administrator should have taken care of it exactly when the incidents occured instead he dismissed it and never followed through with what should have been done to avoid the incidents that have occured in the School from September 1, 2017 to present. We ask the Board as well as  whomever else may be deemed to please remove him and please respectfully put a New School Administrator/ Board Secretary in Pinelands Regional High School that can clearly take on the Jobs required By the School Administrator and Secretary Board.Someone we feel and The Board feels Comfortable with knowing Our Children will No Longer be in any Danger or Harms Way from this day Forward.We have 2 yrs of Construction left and would like to feel Comfortable knowing Our Children will never be in Harms Way like this ever again.We shouldn't have to compromise our children's education because of fears for their Health in the Future. I'm asking every parent to please sign this petition if you would like to see The School Admininstrator Fired from Pinelands Regional High School as Well as , Removed from the Board of Education

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