I want this person charged with a felony, loss of employment/teacher credentials removed.

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Nicole Landry is a special needs teacher who kicked a Black little girl who has down syndrome in the head.

It takes a special person who has patience and can show love, warmth and understanding to children, especially these children. 

She clearly doesn't posses those important qualities, therefore she need not be exposed to pure, innocent children. 

Her charges were reduced to simple assault but, she needs to be charged with a felony, lose her teaching license, fired from her job and given jail time. 

It's bad enough that children are having such a hard time in society these days, let alone a child with special needs who require special and extra attention for those needs. 

These are children for God's sake and they depend on us to protect them from people just like Nicole, and she failed that miserably in a big way. 

Just what kind of message does this send not only to other teachers and/or people like her but, to the poor parents who trust these people with their babies? What kind of message? 

This isn't acceptable nor should she be allowed to go unpunished for it. We set a precedence when this happens and we don't want to do that. 

It's not ok to put your hands on anyone's child, especially one who has special needs. 

Who protects God's most precious, His most vulnerable, His most purest and His most innocent if we don't? Who?