Replace Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter director with a person with compassion for animals

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The animals at Mt. Pleasant are being denied the medication and care they need for survival. The Executive Director has no Animal Welfare experience and has created an environment of hostility and secrecy. What was once a well run and compassionate shelter is now an environment that is not in the best interest of the animals.The fosters and employees must sign gag orders that they will not share anything negative that they see within shelter walls with the public. Animals are leaving the shelter without being neutered and spayed. The shelter was operating without a licensed vet supervising for an excess of months well before COVID. There is improper record keeping of animals that come in and out of the shelter. There were animals in foster they had no record of existing, leaving the animal's care completely in the hands of the foster with no proper guidance from the staff. Turnover of employees is just about 100% since the new ED took over either due to her firing them for fear they'd speak out or them quitting. The fosters that had worked there for years were fired for challenging the ED's methods or lack thereof. The ED who has been there for 20 months has never learned or attempted to learn any of the shelter’s operations regarding how they function on a day to day basis. We have reason to believe she is earning over $100k, which is 40k more than any prior ED’s salary and is money that could be used to treat sick animals that often have to wait weeks to months for much needed medical care/surgeries. They haven't yet filed the necessary 990 paperwork that will help us confirm her salary. She was hired by the Board of Directors that had a friendship with her, regardless of her lack of animal welfare experience. The Board has been notified of everything listed and to date has done nothing about her behavior. We are demanding the shelter's ED be replaced with a person with the proper animal welfare experience needed to return Mt. Pleasant to the well functioning organization it was before she joined. We are also demanding that the board add new members that have the animal's best interest at heart and not just the dollars raised for the shelter.