Petition to Remove CIDER International School Principal G. C. Tripathi

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We, major students and parents of CIDER International School demand an immediate removal of the principal of CIDER International School due to the following reasons:

1. Mass inappropriate behaviour of the principal with the parents of the school

2.Termination of and unable to keep marvellous and experienced teachers

3.Discrimination among students caused by introduction of  'Prefect System'. This system caused several discrimination including clothing , behaviour specially among junior students

4.Compulsory  wear of sports wear which is uncomfortable to and denied by a lot of female students

5.All the movement,  even in the school premises ,of the principal is always guarded by armed guards which is frightening to many students and is strongly unnecessary

6.Making threatening words to students

7.Decrease in number of students after his enrollment

8. Doing school programs in luxurious Hotels rather than in the huge multipurpose hall of the school. So leading to mismanagement of school fund.

9.Failure in developing the academic side of the school.