The Trans Canada Trail, it did not need to be rebranded!

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The board of Trans Canada Trail Corporation has done a re-branding of the Trans Canada Trail (TCT), which is now being referred to as "The Great Trail" and trail organizations and municipalities are being asked to re-sign the TCT as "The Great Trail".
We feel that this is a considerably misdirected step because the new name lacks a clear or plain meaning as compared to the Trans Canada Trail name. The original Trans Canada Trail name is much stronger name as it combines a number of concepts, such as the fact that it is in Canada (not anywhere else in the world), and that it crosses this entire country, from sea to sea to sea, while connecting many communities along the way. It speaks to our desire for a unified country and has a certain patriotic connotation. As such, it received the enthusiasm of millions of Canadians, who supported the Trans Canada Trail financially. Thousands upon thousands of individuals also supported the Trans Canada Trail by lobbying for the route, sponsoring, building, and maintaining the Trans Canada Trail. It has since become a Canadian icon and a well-known concept, within Canada and abroad.

We are also very disappointed that:

- There was no prior consultation with TCT donors prior to the "fait accompli" of the rebranding
- The cost of replacing the existing signage (both the cost of the signs, as well as the cost of installation) will be prohibitive for municipalities and trail groups (even if they receive some compensation from you for the installation). These are funds which could be better used to help close some of the existing gaps, or pay for maintenance purposes
- The Trans Canada Trail has already had significant branding and to change that branding now would require not only new signage but changes to website content, maps, and other promotional resources, not only at the TCT at the national and provincial levels, but the name change also requires a name change in the marketing collateral of many municipalities, tourist and trail organizations, who have thus far referred to the trail as Trans Canada Trail. The name change to The Great Trail will come at considerable expense to them as well.
- Donors may no longer be willing to contribute to the Trans Canada Trail, as The Great Trail does not have the same sentimental connotation of unity across the country.
- Canadians may no longer feel the same sense of pride in this new name, as The Great Trail does not signify this trail as a considerable Canadian endeavour and a national treasure.

We are recommending to the board of the Trans Canada Trail Corporation to revert back to the original name of the Trans Canada Trail, a great trail indeed, or at a minimum include "Canadian" in the name, as in The Great Canadian Trail.