Rename the Ross Barnett Reservoir

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This 33,000 acre lake outside of Jackson, MS, is named after Ross Barnett, the notorious segregationist Governor who attempted to block the integration of the University of Mississippi and the enrollment of James Meredith in 1962. Barnett never recanted his views. His racism held back the State of Mississippi then, and does not reflect the values of Mississippi today. 

Mississippi is full of people who sought and fought for justice and pushed Mississippi forward. There is no shortage of those who are much more qualified than Barnett to be honored by renaming the Reservoir.

Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer is perhaps best known for her speech at the 1964 Democratic National Convention where she asserted “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!” She tirelessly fought against voter suppression, despite a nearly fatal beating at the hands of police in 1963. Ms. Hamer also pushed for equality in other areas, particularly in agriculture with a mission to improve land ownership by and financial well-being of black Mississippians. Despite an unsuccessful run for Senate in 1964, her activism changed the shape of the National Democratic Party, becoming national delegate in 1972.

Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer is the role model, the Mississippian, who truly reflects the heart of the Magnolia State and the fight in its people.

Rename the Ross Barnett Reservoir to the Fannie Lou Hamer Reservoir.