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Stop the construction of the Baseball stadium

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It is a very bad idea to build the stadium at that location. It is time for Prince William County to stop tearing down trees in order to make a few bucks. The benefits of having the forests far outweigh the greed of tearing down a beautiful area. This little patch of forest is home to to living creatures that would be killed because of the construction. Instead this area in which the stadium is planned should be turned into a park where the natural beauty of the woods may be enjoyed. The stadium would be an eyesore and bring unwanted traffic to the area. The continuous development of Northern Virginia and Prince William County is ruining the appeal. The houses are an eyesore and it is time to stop. If this continues, there won't be any woods left in Woodbridge. Stop the construction and development immediately before it is too late. Making a few bucks is selfish and greedy. Nature is healthier than baseball stadium. Plus, there would be too much noise pollution. Watching the destruction of mother nature is unhealthy. It not being "progressive" destroying our living space by over-development. The whole Northern Virginia area is being and has already been over-developed and it is time to stop before the area is ruined. There are already numerous locations where baseball games may be played. I am not fighting the new stadium, but a better location that keeps trees intact is better option than destroying a wooded area with a creek. The creatures that used to make a habitat in the forest of Northern Virginia have been driven out because of over-development. If the people living in Northern Virginia wish to continue living in this beautiful area want to continue enjoying for many years to come, these natural environments must be respected. At this rate, I have seen too many nice places destroyed in this area. I have personally spoken to numerous individuals that agree that there is already enough stuff built. I love the fun things to do as much as anyone else, but there's already enough stuff built and there are better places to build new baseball stadiums. As I understand, there is already one that they are using. They could tear it down and rebuild it, or choose a spot that won't destroy pristine woods. This area is also right on the creek that drains into the Potomac river. Our drinking water has recently been poisoned by Dominion power. For health reasons of our local citizens, we must not continue to spitefully and recklessly kill healthy forests. There are better ways to make a profit on the land than by destroying it heedlessly. Not only is the new baseball stadium needless and unnecessary, it would be destructive.

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