Jessica Brown to remain the face of SISTER2Sister

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“Hi I'm so pleased to be able to finally post my comment about what has been happening at Life Changing and the sister 2sister program. 

The last 6 months have been very stressful for me as Jessica's good friend and supporter but nowhere as difficult and traumatic as what has been happening to Jessica.

Jessica currently is on workers compensation due to bullying and harassment by the board. Jessica has been hospitalised for three weeks as a result of this and is currently seeking medical assistance to cope.

Jessica could not publicly disclose to anyone within the organisation what was happening as she was threatened with instant dismissal and told that there would be further repercussions if she went public.

Jessica started the charity 17 years ago and drew no wages for 3 years and then only minimum amount, less than what she earned as a teacher. Her only concern was to assist little sisters in turning their lives around and she did this by offering them the skills and support of mentors. Life changing has always been and is still , her life, her passion and her dream.

The board of directors have a different agenda, a corporate agenda where prestige comes from being bigger and expanding. Jessica's agenda is to help as many little sisters in the Sydney region which has just on 5 million people. Each little sister needs a lot of time and effort and Jessica has developed programs to do this.

Her life's work is being taken away from her. She is devastated and saddened by the loss.

Please help her as she has helped you. Let the current board of directors know you want Jessica back at the helm. She is not just the founder or the face of sister2sister, she is what the foundation is. Without her it will become another corporate run charity and it will as is already happening, lose its very soul.

I have spoken to Jessica today and her number one concern is not been able to continue helping the little sisters. At this stage she should be focusing on herself but Jessica always places herself last.

If you have any concerns please post and if I am able to, I will answer them for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.”

- Barbara Clarke - Longtime Friend of Jessica Brown. 

Please sign this petition to support Jess in her ongoing battle with the board! 

Jessica has always been the face of SISTER2Sister, and I’m not going to sit back and let the board win this easily.