Removal of head teacher Mrs Hammond from st Peter's voluntary academy

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A significant number of parents have concerns regarding head teacher Mrs Hammond and would recommend her immediate removal from her position of head teacher. As many of the parents have similar concerns, the main ones are as follows:

A) Since Mrs Hammond took the position the number of exclusions seems to have increased. Mrs Hammond doesn't seem to be working issues out, but instead deciding to exclude.                             B) Mrs Hammond seems to dedicate more time and effort to higher achieving students, and as such the needs of students who need extra support are not being met.                                                   C) Bullying in the school is an ever present problem and seems to be getting worse. Many parents feel that Mrs Hammond isn't doing enough about this problem. Some parents have reported that their child has taken up self-harm in response to being bullied.                                                                  D) The school has been run more like a military camp than a school of learning, I.e. duct tape along corridor so they walk against the wall.                                                                                                  E) Mrs Hammond is rarely seen by parents and doesn't speak to more than one or two parents during the opportunities when she is available, apparently giving conflicting information to different parents.                                                                                                                                                  F) It has come to the attention of a number of parents that in Mrs Hammond's previous teaching roles she has typically only filled the positions for less than two years. Parents are expressing great concern over why this is.

In response to the above mentioned concerns, the parents of St Peter's students would suggest a meeting be held in which opinions and concerns can be voiced. If an agreeable solution cannot be met, the parents of St Peter's students would strongly advise Mrs Hammond to step down from her role as head teacher and a suitable replacement found. 

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