Scot Medbury responds:

Scot Medbury

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) remains strongly committed to ensuring that scientific research remains a fundamental part of its mission, and intends to resume a focused research program with an emphasis on plant conservation.

Several times in its history, the Garden has paused to take a careful look at its research program and reimagine its focus and direction, and the Garden is currently at another such juncture.

In August, a convergence of issues led to the very difficult decision to terminate three positions in the Garden's Science department and to temporarily place BBG's research program on hiatus. These included an accelerated engineering problem affecting the foundation of the Garden’s off-site research facility that requires BBG to vacate the building; and a forecasted budget shortfall of nearly ¾ million in its current fiscal year.

A September 23rd article in the New York Times offers a glimpse at the challenges facing the Garden:

The New York Botanical Garden and other institutions and individuals have generously offered to assist BBG in this challenging time, and we are grateful for this outpouring of support.

BBG will resume a research program in the near future, one that has strong resonance in our community and that has a sustainable source of funding. We look forward to updating our supporters regularly with milestones in our progress.

Posted on October 04, 2013
  • Aresh Javadi NEW YORK, NY
    • over 1 year ago

    Dear Scott,

    Thanks for your response.

    I would also want to hear more about the decisions about the amazing GreenBridge program? This critical program is supporting the well being of thousands of low income communities who themselves help thousands around them. These community gardens are small satellite botanical programs created by urban green professors from all over the world. Creating small pockets of green oasis of food, medicine and culture - amongst the most challenging terrains in our city. The board needs to expand the GreenBridge program to highlight to the world how active Brooklyn botanical community gardeners are creating a new hope for our cities (ps i burrowed the community garden and hope part from Pete Seeger).

    Aresh Javadi

    Executive Director More Gardens!

    Board of NYCCGC