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So, as a few of my friends may know I was recently hospitalized at Littleton Regional Hospital in Littleton NH.....I'm live in Berlin, NH. We have our own hospital 5 minutes from my house. You may ask why I drove all the way to Littleton at 2am. Well, my sickness started 3 weeks ago and I was seen at AVH not once, but TWICE. The first time I went up I was with Jesse (my boyfriend) in the middle of the night and the dr hooked me to an IV took a list of my meds, drew blood, and collected pee in a cup and left me to just sit there. no additional tests. no additional questions. no check in. After sitting there for an hour and taking the full bag of fluid, the dr prescribed nausea meds, said he didnt know whats wrong and sent me home. Oh yeah, lets not forget....he made sure he ran a drug test to make sure i wasnt lying about my mrijuana and suboxone. I wasnt. He even went as far as looking at Jesse and saying "You brought her to the EMERGENCY ROOM because she's puking? this place is for emergencies...." I didnt even make it home before i started puking again. The next day I begged my mom to leave work early to bring me to avh herself to see if  I could get better treatment being with my mom. I didnt. In fact, I got the exact same results...the only difference being he was more professional and ran an ultrasound on the outside. I toughed out an additional week of being sick, totally three weeks sick, and Jesse finally convinced me to go to Littleton hospital for a second opinion. Well, thank God he did. I had a bad bacteria growing in my stomach and I was closing in on dying. The doctor in Littleton didnt stop until he found the problem unlike Berlin. He did a CT scan and tested my blood and came t the conclusion that I had clostridium difficile, also known as C-Diff. If the doctors at AVH had taken the time and given me proper care, this couldve been solved a week ago. I also know many others have similar stories. AVH needs to be stopped dont you agree? If so, sign my petition. Please, save a life... 


Thanks for your time and your signature. Once this petition is complete I plan to hand deliver it to the board of directors at Androscoggin Valley Hospital. Lets stop these doctors from letting people die!

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