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County Commissioners in violation of 8 year term limits need to step down!

In 1996, the voters of Pinellas County by over 72% of the vote approved 8 year term limits for county commissioners. Today, there are county commissioners serving more than 8 years, all consecutive, and they have refused to step down from their offices. There are 4 county commissioners in violation of the will of the people: Latvala, Welch, Seel and Morroni.

There is a long history of this vote and a lawsuit has recently been filed and is pending in the judicial court system in Pinellas County. The people have gone before the board three times to request their resignation.

Save Pinellas is the organization that is educating the public on Facebook and raising funds for legal fees. 3 Save Pinellas members had the courage to put their names on the lawsuit. The elections are coming and ineligible commissioners are running again for their seats! This must be stopped now in case the lawsuit takes too long and decisions are made after the primaries (we all know how long lawsuits take sometimes).

The will of the people is clear: 8 is Enough! Please sign the petition in order to place more pressure on these commissioners who are essentially squatters at the Board of County Commissioners. We asked them nicely; not it's time to step up the pressure.

This is how one member of Save Pinellas summed up the issue:

FACT: The Eight is Enough Home Rule Charter Amendment passed by over 72% of Pinellas County voters in 1996;

FACT: The term limit law took effect on January 1, 1997, and has been in effect since;

FACT: Said amendment has been upheld by a Florida court as it applies to Pinellas County commissioners;

FACT: Said amendment has never been overturned by any court as it applies to Pinellas County commissioners;

FACT: Home rule charter amendments pertaining to term limits for county commissioners have been upheld by the Florida Supreme Court;

FACT: The Pinellas County BOCC has failed to include the legal term limit language in the Pinellas County Charter;

FACT: The omission of the Eight is Enough law from the Pinellas County Charter constitutes falsification of an official record;

FACT: Commissioners Seel, Latvala, Morroni and Welch have knowingly and intentionally exceeded their legal term limits under the Eight is Enough Home Rule Charter Amendment;

FACT: Commissioners Seel, Latvala, Morroni and Welch have knowingly and intentionally benefited personally and financially by remaining in an office for which they are not legally eligible;

FACT: Commissioners Seel, Latvala, Morroni and Welch, with full knowledge and intent, are in willful violation of law;

FACT: These acts represent felony violation of Florida Statute 838.022.

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