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Allow the West Orange relief high school to be built on the property on 535 also known as the Beck Property near Summerport

West Orange High School is grossly overcrowded and the Beck Property on 535 allows the quickest relief to the situation. Picking another location at this point could not only add years to the completion of the new school but cost tax payers tens of millions of dollars in unbudgeted expenses. This expense can prevent other schools in the county from being built in a timely manner. Overcrowded schools harm not only the children but the community as well when they cannot receive the best preparation for college. They are our future professionals, engineers, small business owners, etc that attract new technology to our area. School overcrowding also lowers property values which in turn harms tax revenue for the county as less people are inclined to buy homes in those areas. Time to lay politics aside and do what is right for our kids. 

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  • Board of County Commissioners for Orange County, Fl

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