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Cricket has evolved manifold in recent past. It is almost like second religion for Indians of any religion. With the new shift of aggressiveness the game as it was supposed to be has not remained gentleman's game anymoe. Sledging has become a fashion or say an indispensable technique to beat the other team out of the match. Our players are also very much practicing this for quite some time now. But now it has started becoming vulgar. If you follow cricket, you must have seen our new shining star Virat Kohli using words like Behen****, F****, etc very frequently. Tough we can’t hear what is he talking on the field but well we can very well read the lips. Many young new comer cricketers are following the same way shown by the leader. Is this the only way to exhaust their emotions? Now my 10 years old son who is growing fast and follows cricket religiously asks me, “Papa, what did he just said?” I have no option but to tell him “Beta he is abusing, may be too excited. Just ignore and concentrate on his game.” What eventually will happen? Following his role model he will exhibit the same behavior when confronted with such situation. But look at the hypocrisy of these great players when they go to receive national honors, bet then you won’t find a gentleman like them. Why not they practice it in on field life? So please make some stringent rules to contain this. Bring back the GENTLEMAN’S GAME PLEASE.