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Petitioning Clackamas County Commisioners John Ludlow, Jim Bernard, Paul Savas, Martha Schrader, and Tootie Smith and 1 other

Board of Clackamas county commissioners: Deny re-zoning of farm and forestland at Morgan and Tonquin Rd

We've spent three years fighting this quarry and won.  Now they're resubmitting the same application, but this time expanding to include an additional 1500 ft beyond their property.  They think they can just repeatedly reapply until they run us out of money.  This new rock quarry would be terrible at this location and make life miserable for thousands of people who live here and commute on Tonquin.

Letter to
Clackamas County Commisioners John Ludlow, Jim Bernard, Paul Savas, Martha Schrader, and Tootie Smith
Planning Division Rick McIntire
We, the undersigned residents of Clackamas and surrounding counties, strongly oppose the proposal to re-zone rural residential farm and forestland for purposes of allowing the development of a hard rock
quarry at the intersection of Morgan and Tonquin roads in Sherwood.

The proposed quarry and its zoning change 1500ft outside of the quarry site will drastically reduce quality of life for the residents of a large area. It will significantly reduce property values and negatively impact wells and water tables in the area. Impacts from noise and dust will affect both commuters and neighbors. Residents of Tualatin and Sherwood will have to deal with an additional 450 trucks per day on the road while the residents of Wilsonville will have to pay to maintain the inadequate roads. There will be virtually no oversight from any official or independent parties once a quarry is approved. It will destroy critical, rare and irreplaceable wetlands and wildlife habitat adjacent to the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. In short, this site is far more valuable to the citizens of Clackamas County in the long-term in its natural state than for the short-term profit of a mining company. We believe there is no room in this area for this type of short sided destructive development.

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