Keep Negros Oriental GMO FREE!

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We, the undersigned, strongly urge that the Province of Negros Oriental Agriculture remain GMO-Free as is intended by Provincial Ordinance No. 7 (series of 2010). To revise this laudable ordinance for GMO BT Corn and other GMO agricultural products to enter will reverse all the gains coming from being a GMO-Free province but instead, make our province vulnerable to the chain of undesirable effects relating to GMO agriculture

It is the responsibility of the government to steer the path of agriculture so it does not contribute to the degradation of the soil and our precious water resources while also ensuring food safety and health.

The laws supporting Biosafety are clear. Executive Order 514 supporting the Cartagena protocol adopts the precautionary principle to balance public health against economic benefits and protects biological diversity from the potential risks posed by genetically modified organisms resulting from modern biotechnology.

It remains as a strategic farming goal to enhance instead our Organic Agriculture by growing food in healthy unpoisoned soil. Healthy soil is the basis of our health is not only for us but for the future of our children. That is the legacy we want for the future generation.