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Allow Professional Athletes follow their religious customs like wearing their Hijab.

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People all over the world practice their religion through observing certain customs. Some of these customs have not been embraced by the world of professional sports. For example, women wanting to compete at the Rio Olympics were denied to participate in the national olympics because of their religion of wearing Hijabs. The only way they were allowed to compete in the Rio Olympics was to deny their true identity, by not wearing the hijab.

Some will say that it is supposably a health issue or could cause harm towards the other players if it were to fall or cover their face. There was also some speculation of overheating. However, completely different sports that use helmets do not see their players falling down due to overheating, examples are, football and at times rugby using them. Not only that but occasionally we will see players wearing do-rags which helps with sweat and overheating. There are also many reasons proving that hijabs are safe and ready to use in the WNBA.

We inform you that there are still many sports not allowing head wear and any other piece that shows your religious custom in which in many nations, allow you your freedom of religion which contradicts the views of professional sports. We need you to raise the voice of these professionals to feel comfortable about their identity without taking off a significant piece wear off in which makes them feel like they will not be valued, respected, and betrayal to their beliefs.


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