To defer the construction of Lyndoch's proposed $22mil Medical Centre

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Keep Lyndoch living Update

Keep Lyndoch living wishes to thank all 1,037 supporters of the petition to “ Defer the construction of Lyndoch’s proposed $22mil Medical Centre.” The petition has been forwarded to Luke Donnellan (Minister for Disabilities, Ageing & Carers in the Andrew’s Government]

A recent article in The Warrnambool Standard indicated that the first sod had been turned  to indicate the commencement of works for the Medical Centre and the petition has failed to defer construction, it is still hoped that the government will note the petition and will take a greater interest in Lyndoch Living Ltd

Keep Lyndoch living is to remain active with its primary aim for the community to have a greater involvement and oversight in Lyndoch through membership being open to all

Keep Lyndoch living
3 weeks ago