grant jaron jackson straight parole

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jaron is 39 years old is in prison for drug charge he didnt commit last year police kicked in door where he and his younger brother resided they had search warrant solely in his brothers name.they found marajuana which his brother admitted and plead guilty to it being all his they still charged jaron due to prior drug convictions jaron had as a young adult.jaron has already done time for those and has more than proven he learned from his mistakes. jaron has been a active and dedicated father to his now teenage daughter and just this past year recieved his associates degree and plans to continue his college education and get his bachelors degree.jaron has already served 6monthes of his 5 year sentence.jaron is a really good man and he has lots of support from friends and family and he needs support  from the community please sign my petition to help bring jaron home. there is thousands of people currently serving time in prison who has had unjust sentences or been convicted because of past history people make mistakes and bad choices and some do turn their lives around each case should be reviewed and judgements should be made by each individual case.

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