Request Transparency in CTA,Share detailed P&L of CTA and lower Yearly CTA Tuition Fee

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CTA has been providing Tamil language for Tamil diaspora for a very long time in the Bay Area, with the help of parents/volunteers to impart Tamil language (as well as aiding other Tamil schools in USA and other parts of the world) but the volunteers/parents don’t have any say in how the organization is being managed and run. We find CTA, as an organization to be not very open and forthcoming in terms of how it’s being run (for instance CTA board Directors/officers are not being “elected” in an open/transparent way, CTA is not sharing detailed financials/P&L details), tuition fee charged per student per year seems to be very high for the scale of students in Bay Area Tamil School branches of CTA and would like to know how the money collected from each student per year is being spent.

Through this effort we are striving to bring about transparency in every way to CTA, better understand the expenses incurred in running Tamil schools in Bay Area by CTA,try and lower the tuition fee, empower the volunteers (as they spend enormous amount of time and effort) as well as the parents of kids who are getting Tamil language education, ensure the tuition money collected is being spent for right causes and share the detailed Proft/Loss with all parents/volunteers..

Our repeated request to CTA/ITA board to share information on how the collected tuition fee is being spent has been turned down saying CTA/ITA is not obligated legally to share any financials or detailed P&L besides Form 990 (IRS tax returns document).

Our repeated request to share the total number of students being taught in CTA/ITA Bay Area branches in the past years, how much money CTA/ITA has accrued thus far (as it has been generating positive cash flow all these years) has also been declined.

We also have requested to lower the tuition fee per student per year (as the scale of students in Bay Area locations are high to charge 250$ per student/per year), offer siblings discount, offer discount to students of parents/volunteers who volunteer their time/effort for CTA (in case if the volunteers would like to leverage), but we didn't hear one way or other on these requests.

Trying to reach out to as many volunteers/parents who are associated with CTA to support us in convincing CTA board to make changes to CTA by-laws to enable it to be operated in a very transparent manner by providing your support to this campaign and offer inputs to make the CTA continue to provide Tamil language class to Tamil diaspora but in a transparent manner in every possible way.

Call for some specific action (But please do add your "careabouts" if you would like to add other items besides what is listed below)

  1. Request to amend CTA by-law to enable open election to CTA board and officers
  2. Would like to see new faces , new ideas in running Tamil school to make Tamil language learning fun and at the same time encourage more to join
  3. Would like to see changes in by-law to have a steering committee to monitor CTA board and officers
  4. Request to reduce the tuition fee per student per year, offer siblings discount, offer discounts to volunteering parents (for their kids Tuition fee)
  5. Would like to see CTA accounting be opened up for public (being a not for profit organization) , share detailed P&L/treasurer’s report for the past years along with the student count for each year from all Bay Area School locations
  6. Would like to know how much money CTA has accrued so far as looks like it has been generating positive cash flow every year
  7. Request to share the financial details every year to all parents and volunteers (not just Form 990) which will enable volunteers and parents to know the cost structure of running this program
  8. Request to share the meeting minutes of the past board meetings to understand how the organization has been making decisions
  9. Would like to see membership (and say in electing board/officers) offered to CTA volunteers and or parents who pay money each year for each student and send their kids for Tamil language school


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