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Hi Team , 

1. The security check is waste of time . You can pass through the metal detector , but not standing in a queue to screen the bags everyday   . The idea of metro is to save time , but by the time we cross all these ,  the time taken is same when we reach our destination.

2. Suppose , I need to come to front side of Baiyappanahalli station from back entrance to board my cab , I still have to pass by the security / screening  check  which is wasting my time and more over its so frustrating in the morning  . The security guards are no co operating saying that they have to abide to rules. 

3. There is no point in charging Rs. 200  if we loose the coin . The logic here is we cannot get into the station without the coin . If we lose the coin after getting into the train , a person who finds it  cannot use it . So it's  100 % true that we bought the ticket .  What's the logic of charging Rs 200 . Also , there is no card transaction to pay fine . Only cash is accepted . Is this fine in a metro politan city ??

4. There is no metro App where we can recharge by ourselves  and there is no recharge machines installed in stations to get our cards recharged . Instead of machines , manpower is more .

5. We cannot block our cards if we loose it . What's the security for our money ?? 

6. We do not have any app for metro to check train timings 

7. I am not sure why there is a charge when we get into the station and get out of the same station during emergencies .  E.g. .  I get into the station and stand in the platform . My friend rings me up and asks me to come out . So I get out immediately . Still there is a charge for that where I don't use the train . These concepts are not there in foreign countries . 

These things are really frustrating to use metro . Kindly address these issues and help the public to be less tensed and help us to save time .






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