Include transgender logo on all public toilets in Bhubaneshwar

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Every day, I feel humiliated because of my identity while simply doing my job.

I am a transgender woman and the first transgender driver to be working with Ola Cabs. I drive in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Respectable livelihoods are not easy to secure for a transgender person. However, I am fortunate to be working with a national level organisation.

But while I’m on the road, I have to be careful about the customers I choose because I can’t travel too far from my residence. This is because I can’t easily access public toilets.

I have to wait and make sure nobody is inside the toilet before I can enter. There have even been instances of men yelling at me, when I was entering a women’s toilet.

This greatly affects my work, because I must return home after every few trips.

Help me urge the authorities to issue a notice to those in charge of all public toilets, including private contractors, making it compulsory to display the transgender logo on the doors of the toilets.

Even when I go to watch movies, I have to wait to access a toilet. I usually sit in the theatre through the interval and go to the toilet after the movie begins again. This is the only way I feel safe.

This lack of access to basic facilities truly hurts me as an individual and strips me of all dignity. I feel helpless and excluded.

I have already tried to raise this issue before to the authorities. In Bhubaneswar, there is a toilet that has been constructed only for transgenders. But a single toilet at one location cannot solve my issues or those of so many transgender people across the city.

Sign my petition asking the Commissioner of the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation to make sure that the logo for transgender people is clearly indicated on all public toilets. This way, transmen and transwomen can access both segregated toilets as well as unisex toilets. This will not just help the transgender community, it will also sensitise people about the issue.